Team Members

NAME:: Prince Okafor Joseph (CEO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Prince is the founder and Idea behind the Starting of Dpfaces. He is a seasoned computer developer and program manager who has executed several site project right from his school days to get an output such as DpFaces. As the Founder, Prince is responsible for leading the company to its set goals.

ANTHONY NAME:: Anchonye Anthony (CMO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Anthony is a web developer who is skilled in almost all categories relating the development and maintenance of a website. He is an adent organizer with great ideas and dreams towards DpFaces in other to serve the users better.
ELNATHAN NAME:: Elnathan Clifford (DEO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Clifford is in charge of all Dpfaces's Graphic Design. The Creation of Dpfaces Banners, Logos and lots more. He is an experienced designer who has handled lots of graphic project of organizations, churches, companys, etc.
NEBEDINC NAME:: Uchenna Nebedum (ADO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Nebedinc, ----.
MARVELOUS NAME:: Ajumuka Marvins (CIO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Marvel, very smart, creative, and brings up wonderful ideas. His presence as the sponsor has prevented the company(DPFACES) from falling.
ZARA NAME:: Confie Zara (CFO)
EMAIL:: [email protected]

Zara, is an innovative lady, a business builder, an Enterpreneur, who would with her tremendous skills to take dpfaces far beyond imagination and help it achieve Itz goal.